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Sweeper Vacs may start fires
Royal Appliance Manufactruing of Glenwillow, Ohio is recalling approximately 20,000 Dirt Devil Sweeper Vac battery powered upright vacuum cleaners as they may overheat and start a fire. The recalled units have "Dirt Devil" and "Sweeper Vac" on the front. The affected model number is M083000, plant code J. This information is located on a silver plate on the back of the unit. Customers should stop using the product and call the manufacturer at 1-800-805-9536 for a free replacement, or go to for more information.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer 5 January 2005

A/V Controller/Amplifier may pose fire hazard
Russound Inc., of Newmarket, NH has recalled audio video controller amplifiers with serial numbers ranging from 03141500000000 to 03281500000500. The serial numbers can be found on the back panel in the upper right hand corner. The units were sold though electrronics distributors and A/V retailers from May 2003 through September 2003 for approximately $2,200. The units can short circuit and overheat posing a fire hazard. Owners should disconnect the unit's power cord from the outlet. Dealers should contact owners with instructions. If you are not contacted, call the retailler you purchased the unit from or contact the manufacturer Russound Inc., Newmarket, NH, 800-638-8055.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 27 November 2003

Projection Televisions May Pose Fire Hazard
Zenith Electronics has recalled 46 to 60 inch projection televisions manufactured from April 1995 through July 1997 and from July 1997 through November 1998. The manufacture date is on a white label on the back of the unit. The televsions were sold at major appliance and department stores from Aril 1995 through April 1999 for $1,200 to $2,800. A tear is a gasket can cause coolant to leak from the picture tube assembly which could pose a fire hazard. Check the manufacture date and call the manufacturer to arrange for a free inspection and repair. Contact Zenith Electronics Corp., Lincolshire, IL, 800-777-5195.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 9 February 2003

Snake Lights May Overheat
A circuit board in Snake lights provided by Chuck E. Cheese restaurants as redemption prizes from July 2002 through Septmber 2002 may overehat and melt the plastic housing potentially posing a fire or burn hazard. The recalled lights have the model number 8311 and come in red, green and multicolored and have curved bulb in a black base. Stop using the lamp and return to any Chuck E. Cheese restaurtant for a replacment prize. Contact The Carlisle Co., Carson City, NV, 800-233-3931.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 10 November 2002

Air-Whirlpool May Overheat and Pose Fire Hazard
Whirlpool baths sold under the name Jason AirMassuer and Air-Whirlpool Baths release heated air bubbles into the water. A heating element can fail to shut off posing a firte hazard. The serial number is on the underside of the bath and can be viewed by removing the access panel. Plumbing distributors and kitchen and bath showrooms sold them from January 2002 through September 2002. Check the serial number and call the manufacturer to see if your unit is part of the recall. Contact Jason International Inc., North Little Rock, AR., 800-255-5766.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 3 November 2002

Laser Printers May Overheat and Pose Fire Hazard
Brother International of Bridgewater, NJ is recalling it laser printer model numbers HL-1040, HL-1050, HL-1060 and multifunction printers with model number MFC-P2000. The model number is on the top of each unit. The units were sold from June 1997 through December 2000 for $300 to $700. The printers can overheat posing a fire hazard. Stop using the printer and take it to an authorized service repair center for a free repair. Contact Brother International, Bridgewater, NJ, 866-236-6835.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 27 October 2002

Cordless Drill May Pose Fire Hazard
The switch in the Cordless drill/drivers manufactrured by Black & Decker Inc. labelled "Firestorm" or "Quantum Pro" can malfucntion and overheat posing a fire hazard. Model numbers are on the name plate on the side of the drill and the date codes are on the bottom of the handle where the battery is inserted (reomve the battery). Call the manufacturer with the model number and date code. If your drill is part of the recall, stop using and remove the battery and arrange for a free repair. The drills were sold at home cneter and hardwarestores from March 1999 through December 2001 for $50 to $200. Contact Black & Decker Inc., Towson, MD., 866-821-5444

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 8 Septmber 2002

International Adapter Plugs May Pose Shock Hazard
Two prong slip-on adapter plugs used to connect North American plugs to various foregin outlets can separate when the other plug is removed and expose live wires. The only marking on the plug is "6A250V". The manufacturer sold the adapter plugs individually and as part of a kit with a voltage converter. Only the adpater plugs sold individually are subject to the recall. Stop usin using the adapters and contact the store or catalog where purcahsed to receive a free replacement adapter. Contact PM International Ltd., Edison, NJ., 800-344-6332.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 7 July 2002

Overheating Dryer May Pose Fire Hazard
Dryers in combination washer/dryer units manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation may overjeat posing a fire hazard. The combination units were sold under the Whirlpool, Kenmore and Gerenal Electric Brand names. The units are white or light tan with model and serial numbers behind the dryer door at the top of the opening. Model numbers for the Whirlpool Twin compact are: LTG5243DQ2, LTG5243DQ3, LTG5243DT2, LTG5243DT3, and LTG5243DZ2. Serial numbers begin with MM, ML or MK. Kenmore model numners are 110.98752792 and 110.98752793. Serial numbers begin with MM, ML or MK. General Elecric Spacemaker model numbers are WSM2480TBAWW and WSM2480TCAWW, serial number has Z, A, or D as the second character. They were sold from January 2000 through May 2002 for $800 to $960 at home improvement and department stores. Unplug the unit immediately and ontact the manufacturer for a free in home repair. Contact Whirlpool Corp., Benton Harbor, MI., 866-251-1607.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 7 July 2002

Portable Fluorescent Lamp May Pose Burn Hazard
The ballasts in 18 watt fluorescent lamps manufactured by Luxo Corp. can overheat, short circuit and melt the insulating cover of the ballast which could pose a thermal burn hazard if touched. The lamps have a black plastic housing that mounts to a desk or sites on a base. MOdels PS355 and PS 360 with serial numbers between 198076 and 244871 and between 35500001 and 36003256 are subject to the recall. The PS 355 has a 34" swing arm and the PS 360 has a 19" swing arm. The lamps were sold at office furniture distributors and dealers from January 200 through February 2002 fro $155 to $170. Stop using the lamps,unplug and contct the manufacturer for a free replacement. Contact Luxo Corp., Port Chester, NY, 800-222-5896.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 9 June 2002

Cotton Candy Machine May Pose Fire Hazard
The motors in the "Real Cotton Candy Machine" manufactured by Rose Art Industries can jam and overheat posing a fire hazard. The machines have either a blue or purple base and a clear plastic cover. The machines were sold from September 2001 through April 2002 for approximately $27. Stop using the machines and contact the manufacturer for a free replacment motor unit. Contact Rose Art Industries Inc., Livingston, NJ, 888-262-4474.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 9 June 2002

Battery Charger May Cause Battery to Burst
Battery chargers manufacurted by Dewalt Industrial Tool Co. can fail to automatically shut off after he battery is fully charged which can cause the battery to burst posing a fire, burn or electric shock hazard. The chargers include Dewalt model numbers DW9107 and DW9108 which are written on the front of the black and yellow chargers, Black and Decker model numbers 97015 and 97016written on the front of the black units. The chargers were sold nationwide from May 1996 through August 2000 for $50 to $60. The chargers should be returned to Dewalt or Black and Decker service center for replacement. Dewalt Industrial Tool Co., Baltimore, MD, 866-543-3401.

Greory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 7 Jnauary 2001

Proctor Silex recall toasters after reports of kitchen fires
Washington - Proctor-Silex Inc. voluntarily recalled 95,000 toasters yesterday after the Consumer Product Safety Commission found they pose a fire hazard.

The commission and Glen Allen, VA based Proctor-Silex received 24 complaints from comsumersthat the toasters stayed on after the toast popped up and three complaints of food firs resulting in damage to kitchen cabinets, the panel said.

The company recalled two types of traditional upright toasters with single bread lifters and four extra wide slots that can accommadate bread or bagels.

Included in the recall are white, black and chrome toasters model numbers 24205 and 24208 with series coded A0379 through A3279 or A2589 through A3289 printed on the bottom.

They were sold nationwide for $20 to $25 by mass merchandisers, including Ames, Bradlees, Burdines, Eckerd, Rite Aid, Servistar and Walgreens from April 1997 to September 1999.

Comsumers should stop using these toasters and call 1-800-992-4616 between 8 AM and 8 PM EST Monday through Friday for information on receiving a free replacement toaster, or go the the company Web site at

Associated Press, as reported in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 14 April 2000

Halogen Torchiere lamp fires
Halogen torchiere floor lamps manufacured before February 5, 1997. About 40 million were sold without wire guards over the bulbs, creating a fire hazard if the lamp comes into contact with anything flammable. Twelve people have died in fires blamed on halogen lamps. You can get gaurds at major retail stores, or call 800-985-2220.

Sheryl Harris in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 18 April 2000

Air Conditioner Fire Risk
White Consolidated Industries 240 volt in-wall air condtioners sold under the names Frigidaire (model number FAH096J2T1; White Westinghouse (WAH09EH2T1 and WAH096H2T1); Kenmore (253.79093990 and 253.70093000) sold between November 1998 through November 2000 pose a risk of short circuiting potentially causing a fire and/or shock and burn injuries. Stop using the units and contact the manufacturer for free repair, 866-897-5612.

Gregory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 15 April 2001

Hair Dryer Electrocution Risk
Remington Vortex Ultra 1,600 watt hair dryers sold nationwide at Kmart, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond stores; and at Army and Air Force post exchanges from July 2000 through 2001 are not equipped with a circuit interrupter plug. Contact with water poses an electrocution hazard. Return to where purchased for a refund or contact Remington Products at 800-992-9686.

Gregory Burnett in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 1 April 2001

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